.uk Domains

Register and renew your .uk domains with Nixel Domains. Nixel helps you protect your online identity and intellectual property with registration, renewal and management services for .uk domains.


New Domain Registration (.uk) 1 year: £5.99
New Domain Regsitration (.uk) 2 years: £11.49
Domain Renewals (.uk) 1 year: £5.99
Domain Registrant Transfers (.uk): £19.99 (Includes Nominet Charges)
Domain Registrar Transfers (.uk): Nil (Does not cover Nominet and Other Registrar Charges)

Prices are ex-VAT.

Domains - Policies and Processes

Contact Information

Registrations, Renewals, Services, Queries
Contact our Domain Services team for any assistance regarding your .uk domains and we will be glad to help you.

020 7000 1884

Abuse - Spam Mails, Phishing Scams, etc
Report these to us and we will investigate them and also assist you in taking preventive and corrective measures.

020 7000 1884

Nixel Domains is a Business of Nixel Ltd, 1 Lyric Square, London W6 0NB

Our Normal Business Hours: Monday-Friday : 8am - 6pm.
We follow UK Bank Holidays

Complaints Policy

If you have any complaints regarding the services provided to you by Nixel Domains or the operation of the domains that we have registered for you, you can do this by sending us an email to domaincomplaints@nixel.uk

On receipt of your email Nixel will act on this with the following process:
1. You will receive an acknowledgement from a member of our support team within 24 hours of your email with a path to resolution of your complaint and the time period that we need to full address your complaint.
2. In the event that this is not addressed to your satisfaction within one week of receipt of your complaint, our internal process will escalate this to the head of our Domains Services who will review your complaint and the performance of our support team and will take appropriate measures and these will be communicated to you.
3. In the event that you do not receive satisfactory resolution or information about how your complaint will be resolved and a timeline in case this needs more time, you can escalate your complaint to Nominet Support by calling them during business hours at +44 (0)1865 332244 or sending them an email to nominet@nominet.uk.

Terms and Conditions

1. Nixel Domains, a unit of Nixel Ltd, Company registered in England and Wales acts on your behalf in order to register and renew domain names of which you are the registrant and holder of all rights. Nixel merely operates as an agent following orders and instructions provided by you.
2. You as the Registrant are fully responsible for the domain and its use and potential disputes, claims, abuse and transaction. Nixel's role in the operation of your domains will be only to ensure update of registrant information and contact details as provided by you, update of name servers as specified by you and processing of your instructions and orders subject to receipt of satisfactory payment for registration, renewal, transfer of domains to another registrant, transfer of domains from Nixel to another registrar and cancellation / termination of domains.
3. Nixel will provide you with email notifications in advance of any renewals and any other reports of abuse or claims that are received and will act in accordance with instructions provided by you.
4. All .uk domains are managed by a central authority Nominet (http://nominet.uk) and all .uk domains are subject to the Terms and Conditions and policies of Nominet that may be updated from time to time. All domains are automatically guided by these and these cannot be amended by Nixel or other registrars. By placing orders with Nixel for domains you accept these Terms and Conditions and any other Nominet policies.
5. In all instances Nixel responsibilities, obligations and liabilities will be limited to the specific domain services that are ordered from us and to the value of the order for the specific domains.
6. Nixel cannot register domains that are not available or recover domains that have not been renewed in time. Nixel can only provide domains that are shown as available by Nominet and which are allowed for registration by Nominet at the time of placing the order with Nominet. This could be upto 24 hours after you have placed your order with Nixel. Nixel is not liable for any loss of domains should these be registered by another person between the time the order has been received by us from you and the actual completion of registration with Nominet.

About Nixel Domains

Nixel is an approved Registrar since 2008 of Nominet (http://nominet.uk) which is the authority for all .uk domains. Domains registered by Nixel are assigned the NIXEL tag. Nixel helps customers manage their .uk domains with sevices for search, registration, renewal and dispute resolution. We can also help customers purchase domains that are already registered by other owners who are willing to transfer these domains for a negotiated fee.